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See what we can do for you

Products and Services


  • Investment and wealth management
  • Tax strategies 
  • Risk management (for insurance needs)
  • Retirement analysis, projections and forecasting
  • Education strategies
  • Debt reduction
  • Business succession strategies
  • Estate and legacy strategies


  • Most publicly traded investments are available
  • Fixed income products including:  
    • GIC's, Bonds, Managed and Pooled Products
  • Equity investments including:  
    • Stocks, ETF‘s, Managed and Pooled Products, New Issues, Flow-Through Limited Partnerships
  • Banking products are offered through referral arrangement

Manulife Securities Insurance Inc.

  • Life (term, whole life, universal, mortgage, etc.)
  • Critical Illness 
  • Disability (individual and business overhead)
  • Long-term Care 
  • Individual and Group Benefits
  • Travel 
  • Health Benefits 

Account Types

  • Investment and wealth management accounts:   
    • Registered (RSP's, RIF's, TFSA‘s, RESP's, RDSP's, LIRA's, etc)
    • Non-registered, corporate, trusts (formal and informal), not-for-profits and others.
  • Most accounts are self-directed  to accommodate most publicly traded investments available in the market place
  • Fee based accounts and investment savings accounts (for both personal and business)

Premier Investment Program

What is the Premier Investment Program?

The Premier Investment Program is a fee-based account that offers a range of investment services and the ability to hold a wide variety of investment products including mutual funds and individual stocks and bonds. Virtually every investment offered at Manulife Securities can be held in a Premier plan.

In addition to transparency, objectivity and accountability ­– the hallmarks of a fee-based account – the Manulife Securities Premier Investment Program can benefit my clients in a number of ways:

  • You pay for advice, not trades – transactions are incidental and are not the differentiating factor in assessing the value I offer
  • Advisor compensation is completely transparent and agreed upon, and because the costs associated with trades or other services are reduced or eliminated, you can fully understand what you’re paying for your investments
  • The fee-based solution provides the medium for developing a strong, customized portfolio at a cost that is generally less than the cost associated with traditional mutual funds
  • Fees can be paid outside of your client's portfolio; this means your portfolio return need not be reduced to pay fees and assets can grow faster
  • When a fee is paid for investment advisory services on a portfolio outside of an RRSP, the fee is generally tax deductible
  • Because compensation can be based on portfolio value, fees will rise or decline based on the performance of the portfolio; this assures you that my primary interest is the growth of your portfolio

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